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Our vision

We are a social, non-profit oriented venture aiming at closing the gap between academic knowledge and the general community. We engage in producing high-quality videos about interesting interviews with academics. We want our work to raise awareness for academic publications in an engaging, open and friendly manner. Our goal is to inspire people to engage with scientific knowledge in a simply way.

Over 60 videos produced

Lasting between 5 to 10 minutes with a researcher, who explains the main idea or objective of the paper, key findings or relevance, personal motivation and policy implications.

100%  high-quality content

We cover individual scientific publications, contributions to special issues or edited books, teaching content, findings of research projects and more.



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"Knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement"


– Peter Drucker


Stavanger & Florence

With great interviews, we successfully participated in international conferences of regional development and innovation in Norway and Italy


We were invited to present our platform at the European Commission of Regions in Brussels

Latest Coffe Breaks

Olof Hallonsten: Stop evaluating science

Olof Hallonsten: Stop evaluating science The article Although science has been a formidably successful force of social and technological development in the modern era, and a main reason for the...

Fredric Bauer: Innovation in theBioeconomy

Fredric Bauer: Innovation in theBioeconomy The article Innovation in the bioeconomy – dynamics of biorefinery innovation networks, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 30:8, 935-947,...

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