About us

We are an online platform to make scientific knowledge accessible to all. We produce videos and podcasts with researchers while having a coffee. We cover published papers, research projects, and teaching content.

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Basic Principles

  • True to scientific knowledge: Our content covers key findings from research activities.
  • Understandable to everyone: Our content uses plain English, is free from jargon, and accessible.
  • Human touch: Our informal approach provides for insightful exchange.


Our in-house team consists of people passionate about research, writing, design and film production. We also collaborate with a wide network of experts and professionals who like our concept.

Markus Grillitsch

Founder and Director.
Associate Professor in Economic Geography, Lund University

Lorena Gómez-Díaz

Presenter and Head of Communication
PhD Candidate in International Marketing and Consultant at ATC Consultants

Icon Lucinda

Lucinda David

Digital Community Manager
PhD Candidate at Lund University and founder of Third Mission, research communications consultancy.

Thomas Feichter 

Head of Production and Creative Direction. Owner of Fichtemedia

Our Series

Published Insights

Interviews with researchers about published papers in peer-reviewed journals ensuring high-quality of content.

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Project Insights

Interviews with team members of research projects. We are true to scientific knowledge and provide content about key findings from research projects.

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Innovative Teaching

We talk to researchers about their personal experience with developing and running courses. We support the diffusion of scientific knowledge through teaching.

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We thank our partners, supporters and friends who have made our project grow.

World Economic Forum, Lund University, University of Florence, University of Stavanger, Naturvation Project, the WIRE Conference and volunteers.