About Us

How We Got Started

Aiming at closing the gap between academics and the general community, we developed a concept to make knowledge accessible to all. An easy format allowing for increasing the visibility of academic research as well as for obtaining practical insights on innovation and regional development for practitioners.  

Our Mission

We are an online platform aiming at making scientific knowledge available to the general community.

We help to disseminate academic research by explaining the key elements of them in short and friendly videos.

By spreading scientific knowledge in an easy manner, we increase the capabilities around the world to address important challenges.

Our Formats

We have developed the following formats supporting visibility of academic research

Published Insights

Interviews with researchers about published papers in peer-reviewed journals ensuring high-quality of content.

Project Insights

Interviews with team members of research projects. We are true to scientific knowledge and provide content about key findings from research projects.

Innovative Teaching

We talk to researchers about their personal experience with developing and running courses. We support the diffusion of scientific knowledge through teaching.

Our Team

Two Austrians and one Colombian are behind Coffee Break with Researchers.


Markus Grillitsch, born in Salzburg, Austria, passionate about research, writing and learning new stuff. He is the Director and Founder of Coffee Break with Researchers, Director of CIRCLE and Associate Professor in Economic Geography, Lund University

Thomas Feichter, born in Carinthia, Austria, passionate about film production, motorbikes and meditation. He is the Head of Production and Creative Direction of Coffee Break with Researchers and also the owner of Fichtemedia

Lorena Gómez-Díaz, born in Bogotá, Colombia, passionate about branding, communication, yoga and dancing. She is the Head of Communications of Coffee Break with Researchers and also the Director of Logoz Consulting.

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