Andrés Barrios: From donation-based NPO to social enterprise

Nonprofit organizations (NPO) have suffered from two interrelated bottlenecks: lack of funds and difficulties to

grow and operate at scale. Business model innovation (BMI) has been found to be important to overcome those bottlenecks, but the extant literature is limited and lacks a solid empirical foundation. To explore this topic, we conducted a retrospective analysis of a single case study, tracking the evolution of an organization’s business model as it went from being a traditional, donation-based NPO, to a dynamic sales-driven social enterprise (SE).

As a result, the organization gained financial autonomy, scaled up operations and increased impact. Our findings add to the literature by identifying BMI change drivers and outcomes. We show how a platform-inspired business model can enhance value creation and value capture in a SE.

Reficco, E., Layrisse, F., & Barrios, A. (2020). From donation-based NPO to social enterprise: A journey of transformation through business-model innovation. Journal of Business Research


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